circular adj. (of a movement or journey) starting and finishing at the same place often following roughly the circumference of an imaginary circle 


circlette is a design project and experiment in sustainable and ethical making. 

centred around circularity as a conceptual and physical motif and motivation: 

circular materials,

circular design, 

circular economy, 

the circle, the cycle, the bead, the chain, the revolution, 

reducing waste and

giving items a second life. 


each circlette piece incorporates ethically sourced vintage and recycled beads repurposed from old jewellery. 

this diverts waste from landfill and 

makes every piece totally one off and unique, 

just like you. 

All packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. 


circlette is made and designed in Naarm/Melbourne, on Wurundjeri Land.

change is the only constant and we are evolving as we continue to work towards making our practice as sustainable as possible. 

for questions or more information contact us.